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Based in New York City, Tuman's artistic practice delves into interpreting cultural heritage in contemporary contexts, examining the evolution of cultural identity and drawing insights from cultural anthropology.

In their artistic practice, Tuman explores how cultural heritage is interpreted in contemporary contexts, with a focus on heritage preservation and the evolution of cultural identity. By examining historical structures and representations, Tuman aims to illuminate the complexities of these processes. Through the lens of cultural studies, the artist analyzes how interpretations of history evolve alongside societal norms. Operating across various artistic disciplines, including public art, installation, sculpture, and painting, Tuman employs research-driven methods to dissect the evolution of form, symbolism, and meaning over time. Additionally, they explore the semiotic and temporal shifts that underpin these transformations. Drawing from cultural anthropology, Tuman examines power dynamics and identities within cultural practices. By critically examining the construction and contestation of cultural heritage, Tuman seeks to deepen our understanding of collective belonging and identity.
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